[v1.5.107] Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium)
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[v1.5.107] Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium)

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Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium)

We have shared the original Plugin [v1.5.107] Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium) to everyone. The shared Plugin is not Plugin nulled or cracked; it’s a 100% genuine GPL Plugin, and you can use it on unlimited websites. Please check if the Plugin is the current version before purchasing. You can submit a request for the latest version by clicking button and we are pleased to update for you as soon as possible. Once you complete purchasing from siteGPL, you’ll get full free access to download the original Plugin and get free lifetime updates on your siteGPL account.

Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium) is the best Plugin for your online projects. Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium) comes with powerful features that allow you to build and manage your website quickly and easily, such as: .
In version v1.5.107, there are new features on Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium), performance improvements and bugs that have been fixed. You also can see more details and features of the Plugin by clicking the Preview button.

We have shared here a 100% GPL License Plugin so you can use this Plugin on your website or your client’s website without worry. The shared Plugin is not Plugin nulled or cracked Plugin. You can download [v1.5.107] Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium) at siteGPL for only One-Time Payment, $4.99, or Free For Membership. You’ll get original Plugin.


[v1.5.107] Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium) has been activated and is ready to access all premium features.


Version: v1.5.107

There are new features on Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium), performance improvements and bugs that have been fixed.

Plugin Changes:

Feature – added elementor dynamic options to api integrations
Feature – added option to get images from current product variations for the dynamic gallery.
Feature – added preperation for the enhanced ajax search
Fix – fixed weird elementor no products on cart page bug
Fix – fixed bug with faq schema output
Fix – fixed general settings show items at start
Widget Changes:

Feature: Event List (Pro) – Added “Remove All Upcoming Events Except Next One” functionality, facilitating the removal of all upcoming events except for the next scheduled event for streamlined event management.
Feature: Animated Icon Box (Pro) – Added Description Opacity option to customize the opacity level of descriptions for enhanced visual aesthetics and readability.
Feature: Underline Animated Button (Free) – Added Animation Move Amount option, enabling users to customize the amount of movement in animations for enhanced visual effects.
Feature: Remote Tabs (Pro) – Added Item Min Height option for better customization; users can now set a minimum height for items displayed.
Feature: Load More / Infinite Scroll (Pro) – Added the “Show Load More Button Icon” option to enhance interface; users can now customize the icon displayed for the load more button.
Feature: Mega Menu (Pro) – Added a new functionality enabling “Expand / Collapse Visible On” option, allowing expansion or collapse of visibility based on specific criteria.
Feature: Side Menu (Pro) – Added Menu Padding option. This new feature allows to add padding to the container of the Menu items.
Feature: Woo Product Grid (Pro) – Made Content Padding, Category Label Spacing, and Title Spacing options responsive for improved adaptability across various screen sizes and devices.
Feature: Icon Image Content Box (Free) – Implemented functionality to link Icon and Title to the same destination as the Image.
Feature: Hotspots (Pro) – Implemented styling options for images. This new functionality allows users to customize the appearance of images within the widget, including options for adjusting borders, shadows, and other visual attributes.
Feature: Team Member Grid (Pro) – Implemented ‘Text Placement’ option. This new functionality allows users to customize the placement of text within the widget, providing greater control over the layout and design.
Fix: Post Ticker (Free) – Fixed widgets behaviour for RTL websites.
Fix: Post Timeline (Pro) – Resolved category name spelling issue in some cases. This fix ensures that category names are spelled correctly throughout the widget, improving accuracy and consistency in the display of category information.
Fix: Team Member Grid (Pro) – Optimized HTML code of the widget. This optimization improves the efficiency and performance of the widgets by reducing unnecessary code and streamlining the structure for faster loading and rendering.
Fix: Number Field (Pro) – Resolved issue when Min – Max range were violated and no error were shown.
Fix: Dropdown Button (Pro) – Optimized widget’s JS code. This fix ensures that widget works properly on mobile devices as well as on desktop.
Fix: Expanding Content Cards (Pro) – Addressed CSS filter issue where it was displaying incorrectly on mobile devices, ensuring proper rendering and display consistency across all devices.
Fix: Post Grid (Pro) – Fixed issue where Typography option was not functioning as expected, ensuring proper functionality and usability.
Fix: Justified Image Carousel (Pro) – Fixed issue where width of images was incorrectly set in certain cases, ensuring proper display and functionality across all scenarios.
Fix: Layers (Pro) – Resolved issue with the “Item Shadow” option. This fix ensures that the item shadow is applied correctly within the widget.



Installing [v1.5.107] Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium), you can install the Plugin using one of the two following installation methods:

Method 1: WordPress upload

1. Login to your WordPress admin panel
2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New
3. Click on Upload Plugin
4. Click on Choose File and select (.zip) file
5. Click on Install Now

Method 2: FTP upload

Extract the (.zip) file of Unlimited Elements for Elementor (Premium) that you downloaded from siteGPL. Find the Plugin folder (this directory is created when you unzip the file). Upload the Plugin folder to your /wp-content/Plugins directory.

That's it, the Plugin should now be installed on your website.